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Message Subject I have had I think a prophetic dream. I saw Angels and this is what they said..
Poster Handle Clayton
Post Content
What are parties like in the afterlife? Is there an actual God? Like 1 being higher than everyone else in the world?

Are there what we call on Earth "Video Games" in Heaven which we can play, or is it like "Oh darn i never beat my copy of assassins creed 3 on earth and now i'm dead, i wonder how it ends?" type of thing. If so, do our save files transfer over? Do you have technology that humans will make in the future that is not currently made on the earth, such as an iPod Touch 6th generation? Do you use cell phones or do you communicate telepathically? Is playing video games considered to be sin? Is masturbation considered a sin? (somebody had to ask it) Do you drink in the afterlife? Will spirits and everything in any type dimension ever cease to exist permanently? The angel looking craft nasa saw near the sun, was that you guys? How do you exist in a form, you act like you do not have a body but you can type on this forum? You say your team is to carry out your huge project, wouldn't you have to be in a "meat suit" to do anything physical on Earth?

I am getting tired too, but I have one last request: On December 7,2011 My Grandfather Fred B. died. Can you bring him to this forum, I wish to speak to him.

Thank you for taking time to answer me, sorry for so many questions.
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