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Message Subject I have had I think a prophetic dream. I saw Angels and this is what they said..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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As to the amazing St. Malachi Prophecies

And others of our faith..we are told..and I believe..the Catholic Church remains till the end..because that is its vital role..it has imo a very important role to play in end times in my opinion and that is why it is having a difficult time I believe, and being attacked..which is wonderful spiritually speaking ..in my opinion..(one of the many reasons why I choose to remain faithful and true to the Catholic Church till the end and beyond)

Therefore the time indicator is Petrus Romanus..when he comes on the scene..before his pontificate is over..or at the end of it..the change will come..and the end of this way of this..as life as has been understood will happen

we are told he will lead his flock through difficult times

these are in my opinion the times spoken of in revelation..when revelation 6 happens in all its stages..combined with revelation 10

so in my opinion the time marker we have is Petrus Romanus

I hope they are not led by public opinion when picking the name..

But I think it wont be the actual name..but something that links the Pope to the name

he is the last Pope

as Peter was the first..I think the name Peter comes precisely from that..because HE WILL BE THE LAST..as Peter was the first..but definitely a vital connection to Rome is underlined in the name..So Rome is uppermost in the nature of this last Pope...

As to the rumors he will be antichrist..I beg to differ. I think He will be a very Blessed and a very Special Pope with a very mportant role to fulfill in these in my opinion end times

and he I think signals the end

and the return of Christ and His Kingdom

in my opinion..

Because the Catholic Church in my opinion..has precisely that vital role..to remain standing..a bastion..with all faults and imperfections that stem from the human condition as in everything that includes man..but with a spiritual strength and purpose that comes from the Holy Spirit and Divine Preordination

To remain till His return and till the Kingdom comes here

So Peter is the last I think..and an accurate time marker.

the Catholic Church simply cant be destroyed in my opinion..EVER..because it must and will remain till His return..
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