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Message Subject I have had I think a prophetic dream. I saw Angels and this is what they said..
Poster Handle Going Home to Paradise
Post Content
If I may quote 'God Loves ALL'

This is NOT my first life. I have thousands of them. I am from the highest heaven, Paradise and you do not get to tell ME who I AM. I got "saved" a very very long time ago as I am a very old soul. I work with folks you never heard of, so you cannot judge that. By your own statements here, you are clearly behind.

I read 8 pages last night on this post, and when I read every word it instantly appears in my fathers thoughts. I have NEVER read any length of any post on GLP.

I vave never seen a contrast of energies like it. Candace, you held yor calm, bless you. You do know me from long ago. Don't be afraid of using Anglo-Saxon words either, it does gets results, it rattles their cage they are locked in!

I was with the Old Man of the Universe in conversation today. You all better believe it, these are the Last Days as you know it and I recieved code about our Sun dimming.

I could tell many things about Paradise, I go there often, and was with Christ-Michael today at a meeting of old friend directly the moment I went to sleep after reading this string up to the page 8.

I hope those following this thread have their heads well and truely screwed on the right way to understand what is the TRUTH, many showed their love and protection of this little loved one, God Bless all those who applied this divive protection, the TRUTH & LIGHT ALWAYS WINS!!!

I too are like Uriel, expelled by organized religion.

Many of you know me from deep within, I am one of earliest Creators. I am a starseed and a twinflame. You need not kow my identity, if I told you, the dark ones with say the same of me to Uriel, they are very afraid of my coming return!

We are so close to the finishing line, its not funny. I was given full instructions to be ready. Let these two videos give you a clue as energy to becoming full light.

I was asked by the Old Man of the Universe. "Do you remember this?" Note the silver cord energy that connected to the Sun. I was shown the facial energy of Mary in this movie, and he addressed me as 'MY BOY', thats my heavenly father's energy. I am a very, old soul with many past lives beyond your two star-system and my Higher-Self resides in a Heavenly Paradise with my twinflame waiting for my return, and that is very soon in the next few weeks. POWDER movie ending [link to www.youtube.com]

The Last Starfighter [link to www.youtube.com] and [link to www.youtube.com]

I came from your future and the time for change is right apon us all!
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