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Message Subject I have had I think a prophetic dream. I saw Angels and this is what they said..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I know that you are referring to the phoenix journals that was created in the 90's at least the publication of. Have you done any research other than just reading the works? You do know that the authors of these channeled works are fugitives from the law right? The lady "dharma"s husband started a fund to build a center here in California and instead of building it they both ran off to another country and left thier followers bewildered and broke.They stole money from honest folks.Do you really believe the great Aton would not know a phony if he created it? Also why would the creator get involved with something thats been pulled into court for various frauds including the sueing of his truly Hatton. You should always follow the trail where it leads you. These people were and are frauds.there are real people out there, they are not fantasy.They watch and report but will never ever interfere with your given free will.They have not come to "fix" everything thats up to us. And we do not get off this planet alive unless of course you work for Nasa or some other naval corporation.If they come and tell you to get on the ship RUN!!!!!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17687147

Pardon me for interfering, but this is how I understand it....I AM a Soul, a Spiritual Being with a body....not the other way around....so I AM alive....I don't need NASA to make it.....it is the same with Truth...it will always shine through....no matter how much human inadequacy, inconsistencies, lies and the twisting of facts is being used to cover it up. Truth stands!

Free Will....an all time goody....often recited and even more often totally misunderstood.

Do I belief that our Creator will watch under all circumstances, how we keep hurting, destroying and murdering each-other, along with the rest of creation?
Are we alone to decide??? What about the rest of our Universe? Since everything is connected does that mean "our free will" (whenever we decide or not, to wake up)counts more than the free will of others within our Universe??
How about Earth? How about Animals? How about Nature?....ALL has to keep suffering so we can have our "free will"?? Free Will of what? Blind leading the Blind?
How can one make use of "Free Will" if one does not know the Truth??? If one does not know the Law of Creation?

If I were GOD/Creator/Source (what ever Name suits you, feel free to use it)....I would interfere in a way so every living being would be freed from all lies, so they could get knowledge about Truth without the lie....to enable each and everyone to do the "clean up" of the mess we are in...No one who isn't in the knowing of Truth has a "Free Will" up to the point it is claimed by so many.
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