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Message Subject I have had I think a prophetic dream. I saw Angels and this is what they said..
Poster Handle ET emissary
Post Content
Dear ET Emissary,

First of all I can assure you the Christ Michael Aton, Esu and the rest of them as you stated "DO EXIST"

When a message is given to someone it is interpreted and written according to their own personal signature. This is why different people receiving a message from CM will seem different in the language. It is because the perceptions and thinking of the person are incorporated into the message and delivered in their voice/writings. This does not make the message less valid or wrong.

Many messages given in the past were target messages! Which means they were not meant for us. This also does not mean they were wrong or not valid, as they served a purpose.

Everything is fluid, which means that a time line thought to me on track, can change overnight due to many reasons. Our calendar and times are also not the same as the celestials time lines.

Many messages given were wake up calls to humanity. Challenging us to pay attention and also to see the severity of our planet's demise.

The earth is dying and in serious trouble. Messages concerning earth changes were not meant to cause fear, but to wake humanity up to the seriousness of our abuses upon her. All planets have souls! Our mother earth feels all abuses/war,bombs/poisons/pollution/oil,coal pillaging/ slaughtering of animals/killing of each other.

Mankind has caused much of our troubles and yet still remains asleep. No one even cares to be honest, as everyone goes about living as if nothing is wrong.

The messages coming through channelers has increased and are all in sinc with each other. They give warnings and messages of love hoping to inspire and wake people up.

I do not speak for Candace but from my own perspective and understanding. I feel deeply within my soul what I write to be true. I have discerned and received my own messages, and therefore KNOW for myself my truth.

I understand your questioning and your discernment/worries regarding all you wrote here. I can only advise you to connect to CM on your own for confirmation of these events and messages, for you must do the work ET yourself. Believing is NOT KNOWING!

You must KNOW for yourself TRUTH~ Only you can call out from your soul to the universe for answers and if you trust your I AM that I AM presence....with confidence you shall get the answers you so dearly seek.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14086416

im sorry but those messages & most channeled messages are not authentic

we know that this planet has been controlled by darkness for quite some time now & they would manipulate/create 'channeled' messages to confuse & spread disinformation

do not make excuses for the numerous inconsistencies of those messages

i know(from experience) that it is not easy to see it for what it is & admit that you were fooled/hoodwinked

but if you truly want to move forward & find real truth, you are going to have to move past the deceptions

the darkness has been very clever & used advanced tactics in using other people to spreading disinformation

please listen to that video very carefully

i still find this website to have authentic messages & their latest one also discusses the manipulation of channels

check it out:

[link to www.cosmicparadigm.com]
 Quoting: ET emissary

I respect your opinion, but do not agree.

My path has taken me down a bumpy road to truth, and I have been shown both lies and truth. The channelers with Abundant Hope are authentic and God appointed.

I agree that the Dark are using MANY Channelers around the world, and giving false information.

The world may not agree with many of the messages coming thru Abundant Hope, but that does not make them false.

There is no way to proof to someone what is divine truth or knowledge. This is why everyone must embark down their own road seeking what is false and what is truth. It takes time to study, read, explore, investigate and meditate for the answers.

I have been doing just that for over 5 years now, and I am not new to the false messages and false websites.

If you earnestly seek from your heart to KNOW all TRUTH, AND HAVE A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS/CM than he will guide you to the material needed to understand.

It will mean breaking down all barriers of what you once believed. Faith and Trust must be at the forefront. Your angels/guides will guide you. Do THE WORK NEEDED WITHIN YOURSELF FIRST, AND THEY WILL DO THE REST. I assure you that everyone who wishes to know truth will be guided.

Candace has her own way of teaching, and I respect her greatly. It is not easy being attacked over many years, when your mission is to help enlighten and bring to the surface all false truths. She is a true warrior, and may at times come off as not aligned with light, but I can assure you she is one of God's brightest. Her heart is HUGE,in wanting to Serve and bring truth to all.

If you knew her heart and who she truly is, you would know differently.

I will not continue further with this discussion, ET.

I cannot stress enough that you must find your own way through the muck and lies. The journey of the soul is not easy, but it molds character and integrity.

Begin with reading the Phoenix Journals and Urantia Book. Much will be shown to you, as your guides will bring what will resonate and the rest will take you down a journey of enlightenment. BE OPEN TO EXPAND CONSCIOUSNESS AND IT WILL BE GIVEN.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14086416

been there done that

it is not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing with abundanthope

it is a matter of Credibility & Authenticity

The Proof of the Lies & Deceptions i posted above should help you to begin Questioning Abundanthope & where exactly they get their information from

which is from their Egos & Manipulating Entities

i cannot Force you to Investigate & see the truth

when peoples egos think they have found the 'ultimate truth' then it is Hard for them to Question & Research the Evidence that proves otherwise

However if one is Truly Honest with themselves then they will set aside their ego & not be afraid to question information & research the evidence in seeking truth

because Real Truth does not fear investigation & in fact it welcomes it because it is solid truth that has nothing to hide

no matter how many times abundanthope messages & the indoctrinated believers try to twist, spin & make excuses...
the truth will come out about the illegitimate messages & belief systems

in many ways it already has..

as proven in my earlier comments

please re-read them, watch the videos & Think instead of letting abundanthope/PJs/Urnatia book think for you

do not trap yourselves as people have trapped themselves within churches/bibles/religions
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