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Message Subject I have had I think a prophetic dream. I saw Angels and this is what they said..
Poster Handle God Loves ALL
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[link to www.catholic.com]

[link to www.vatican.va]

Any Christian who has anything to say negative about the Catholic Church should read these tracts (first link) and then the Catechism of the Catholic Church (second link). Do this FIRST.

MOST if not ALL of the arguments online here and on other forums are based on misunderstandings of what the Catholic Church teaches.

THEN and only THEN can anyone have an intelligent discussion over differences of beliefs.

After all, you should understand what it is you are talking about straight from the horse's mouth before you have enough knowledge to argue your own position, right?

Unfortunately, I can't say to do the same for any other Christian churches since they do not have any clear beliefs written down anywhere other than their claim that they go by the bible even though each Christian interprets it differently.

But anyway, any discussion that has any basis in logic, first has to have an understanding or a basis to work from which has clear definitions.

Otherwise you are presenting FALSE information, which is FEAR based and you are acting out of your own EGO and BEARING FALSE WITNESS against others.

So before you make a statement about what you think Catholic's believe, check your understanding of what it is you think they believe before you speak or write about it. Otherwise, again you are BEARING FALSE WITNESS against others.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1034800

Just to let you know, I was a catholic once. Until I saw the fraud. And made study. I in fact chose it when I was 18 years old, after the death of President Kennedy squelched my career plans. Kennedy was taken to meet Jesus, did you know that? And he began to put in place in my country everything that was suggested by Jesus to him. And they murdered him for it, on the very day he was to announce something of it, of the return, to begin to prepare the people. Jesus is returned. Has been since 1954 in fact.

I do not deny the many wondrous peoples of the church, I have seen wondrous devotion, , but the top level of the church are antichrists and some within it added false material to the bible. Jesus never appointment Peter to head his church. Jesus did not start a church. Constantine DID. Jesus never made the pope or Peter the vicar of Christ on this planet. Just so you know and you can confirm that if you make effort. You ones practice a lot of satanic stuff and know it not, but that matters not, its where your heart is, that matters. Catholics "believe" like all other churches, but belief is not knowing beloveds. Your church is responsible for incredible evil in this world over the long ages. Learn your own history.

Your church took over and destroyed the real WAY that was started in England after the Crucifixion by Joseph of A, and that was his role, alone with Mary M and some of the other apostles and family and friends who went to France by method of boat after the crucifixion. Joseph of A was a global tin trader and his daughter was married to the King of England's younger brother. The first true "church' if you mean building, was built in Glastonbury England 3 short years after the Crucifixion.

Mary M was pregnant with the child of Jesus and birthed their child while at sea. Thus many legends in Europe/France and England in particular. The child was a girl, named SaRa SaRa is incarnate on this plane now and to protect her identity, we are not allowed to know. Joseph of A and Mary M started the first true "church" and it was called THE WAY. And Rome destroyed it, not the building but all the teaching and absorbed it by method of force and war. How different Christianity could be today, of Constantine had not done what he did.

Paul was not a holy man at the time. He was in fact the worst enemy of Jesus because he was stupid and did not know God within him at all and spread many false teachings. He was not appointed by Jesus, Jesus did not die on the cross, he was in a coma, and he survived which is in the bible. No Magic resurrection folks. No easter day, sorry. That is the lie of Rome. Jesus spent some time with friends secretly and ascended into a CRAFT and was taken out of the hell hole to Damascus where he lived for 2 years before Saul came along looking for others. Saul of course thought Jesus was a ghost, and Jesus blinded him with no magic, other than fireworks. And requested some people to teach the man something while he was stunned for 3 days. Paul was never ordained an apostle.

and Luke, he never met Jesus, nice guy but his writings are all hearsay. All of you bible is hearsay. People wrote what they remembered. It has lovely stuff in it, as to the NT and some very unlovely stuff.

God resides inside of YOU. Jesus taught that. Heed that, for God is not up in the high heavens someplace, he is as close as your MIND, because HE is MIND, his body is the creation. he sends a piece of his MIND to you and you communicate with him thru meditation and your church as never taught you that, have they? You are missing so much and we from heaven grieve huge tears over the destruction of the teachings of Jesus.

I chat with Jesus daily. He has been in my home and I have been on his craft, many times in fact. He is returned and the plan was a public return with the cooperation of President Kennedy. Kennedy was the finest President this country has had, because he was seen fit by Jesus..........and they murdered him and you are going to find out, sadly that your church hierarchy was behind that.
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