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Message Subject I have had I think a prophetic dream. I saw Angels and this is what they said..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I always support Candace for all his teachings here and at the same time,myself also teach people about it even from a small number of people because the more you taught about the truth it will surely be injected into their minds and hearts.Thank you very much OP for your wonderful dream and I love it very much because my mother also dream of so many spacecraft around this planet that giving and helping people here and from what I see, this is after the 3 days of darkness but my mother just afraid about it. She cannot remember all of her dreams. Although I do not know who I am but Im certain that I also here in service. Maybe Candace can help me find who I really is because I'm am still confused but understand what the teaching of Candace and the Abundanthope website. I love to read all those and people just laugh at me when I teach them about it. OP you are the best.
 Quoting: Michael Christopher 7586230


the misguided leading the misguided

abundantlies needs to stop snaring & brainwashing people who are searching for truth

please people start here when searching for real Truth:

[link to www.youtube.com]
 Quoting: ET emissary

No need to purchase a 3 set CD

get centered and saturate yourself with the Fathers Love

then go INSIDE for the Truth
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28143469

omg no

please watch & listen to what is being said from part 1 of his videos

then if you Feel that it is truthful & want to buy the beneficial CDs then go ahead but it is not necessary

the information within the other videos is what is important
 Quoting: ET emissary

from the video you recommend:


Try to erase negativity in your minds. Concentrate on positive energy.
That is you power against the evil. They are powerless against this
energy. That is why they want to distract (you) from this power.

You are living on this planet in order to learn how to stay positive
even in such unhappy worlds. The meaning of life is the development of
the consciousness, the development of the heart, of the mind, of the
character, in a more noble level, being spiritual even with negative
energies around you. That is happening over many lives and on many
planets, because the soul wants to learn everything. Every planet is a
school in which you can go a step higher.

Every soul has to go, to evolve higher, back to "The Source", to the
"Cosmic Centre of consciousness". You call it "God" but it is not a
person, it is the "Energy" from which everything exists.

If you really want to get knowledge, the "Existence" will show you the
ways to find it. Most people on Earth have forgotten how to listen to
the soul. They are distracted on purpose in the negative society around
them. Friends, it's time to change this. ....

Create the inner wish to get knowledge about
the Universe. Don't let the negative people disturb you. They are
stealing your energy and want to keep you primitive as they are.

Much of the actual text from the video can be found here: [link to 777alaje.blogspot.com]

Ok, its more in depth than

"Get centered and Saturate yourself with The Fathers Love"
but its basically the same thing. I am just not wordy and like to keep it simple.

thanks for the video
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