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Message Subject I have had I think a prophetic dream. I saw Angels and this is what they said..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The End

Polar mythology encodes three phases of history. The first phase concerns a prior Golden Age where the Demiurge was in harmony with the Logos and all was well. In its final stages, the first phase decayed into warring among the “gods” and their ruining of the cosmic framework. It concludes with higher beings, positive and/or negative, falling into a lower realm of existence.

The second phase concerns our present world, which sprang into existence as a consequence of various Falls that severed us from the Logos. The traumatic consequences of the first phase induced a collective sleep. Hence we have “fallen” asleep into the World Dream.

The third phase concerns our future, how the consequences of the first phase will reach their ultimate conclusion. This is always depicted as ending with a final war and the dissolution of the world as we know it.

The first and third phases take place outside the World Dream, outside of linear time as we know it. Currently we stand at the cusp between second and third phases, thus we are now undergoing an “awakening sequence” that will bring us out of spiritual suspended animation. But what awaits us on the other side is not the Golden Age of the first phase, but the concluding stages of the conflicts begun back then. Thus the Earthly conflict between positive and negative will elevate to a higher level where, under new etherically-activated conditions, it can carry on toward its resolution.

During the second phase, the open conflicts of the first phase took on a more covert form. This was especially true after 1,000 B.C. when a quarantine was put in place around our planet by a powerful third party alien group. The quarantine enforced a ceasing of open warfare by various factions of the alien meta-civilization. The idea was to allow humanity to evolve with less interference. Nonetheless, manipulation still continued on a covert basis, giving rise to the alien cold war mentioned previously. The quarantine also seemed to involve a further reduction of ambient etheric energy levels on Earth, akin to lowering body temperature to induce suspended animation.

The quarantine probably came about due to the cataclysmic events in ancient Egypt when the Mosaic Priesthood royally screwed up the timeline and placed the Jewish people in bondage to the Corrupt Demiurge. As mentioned, regretting their mistake a few centuries later, they invoked the Christ intelligence to liberate them and the world. Shortly thereafter, the Ark/Grail Stone disappeared from history and “God” ceased talking to men. This initiated the quarantine and the timeline as we now know it. The Christ intelligence did not reach its zenith until a thousand years later with the advent of Christianity, but the true and original Christianity was short lived. It was rapidly usurped by an institutionalized behemoth that waged spiritual enslavement in the name of Christ. Thus the mission of Christ was aborted, or rather delayed; something went wrong with the original “awakening sequence.”

There is indication that the second phase should have ended during Roman times, but the deviation of Christ’s message toward further empowerment of the Corrupt Demiurge caused both Christ and Demiurge to continue existing in a limbo state. Thus the past two thousand years have been a kind of overtime game or remedial phase in which these two forces, now deeply active in our world, have been busy setting their pieces in place. When the quarantine lifts and second phase ends, these pieces will go into play during the third phase.

The third phase will continue in an etherically-activated environment no longer constrained (as much) by linear time. Alienology and Fortean research suggests that alien time travelers, who are now here and have been amassing for decades, are from this third phase. Thus we are caught in a timewar by forces from our own probable futures. The third phase may even feedback into the first, creating a grand ouroboric timeloop that is in constant flux. Being that we only remember the final iteration of any timeloop, the timeline we now occupy is the final one that will finally exit the loop when the third phase ends.

The ultimate implication is that via demiurgic technology, hijacking of the timeline originally took place in the “future” and reconfigured the past, initiating a war for balance by the positive forces. The hyperdimensional battle required going back in time, even incarnating into the past to continue the war on the terrestrial chessboard. Remaining positive factions of the meta-civilization would assist these ground forces. They would receive help in the form of synchronistic support, outright intervention in critical situations, subconscious training, and oracular avenues such as synchronicities, dreams, visions, inspirations, and direct messages if needed. (...)

[link to montalk.net]

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27522774

Thanks for posting this from Tom Montalk. He's really an inspired guy.

If the overt appearance of alien beings coincides with the disappearance of the linear time constraint, the former (exciting as it will be) will be boring compared to the latter! Think of everything going on at once like a big carnival ... so cool.
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