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Message Subject I have had I think a prophetic dream. I saw Angels and this is what they said..
Poster Handle firmament
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the MIchael is because I don't always get my hands off the shift button. in time. I type very rapidly, almost as fast as I can "think." Nothing else, I often do that with LOts of words. I don't always notice it to correct it.

I have seen the "angel" before and I think its artifact, could be a craft I suppose but a rather odd shape for one. Angels do not fly and they don't have wings. Some transport craft have wings of sorts, which open and close around spirit beings that are being transported. Some spirit beings are huge and require a good sized special living type craft for transport. There are only types of spirit beings that can negotiate free space without craft. the UB refers to them as types of transport angels, because they ARE living craft.

I don't have a religion. There is thus no name for a religion that does not exist, nor will we found one. The point is to not start a religion. All of us do our own thing. I offer no services, no prayers to recite, none of that. We are all sovereign cosmic folks which man must become. So I don't know how to work with you on it. Religion and God are not the same. Jesus taught that God is within you, the Universe is within YOU, and that religion is your personal relationship with the Father and the Divine. Same has your relationship with your husband, your sister, your boss. They are all individual relationships. Your personal relationships with others. it is no different with members of divinity and man has to learn he is also divine in nature, his mind makes it so.

Some people are very "devout". I am not. but I am always awestruck at it all that is life and creation. I don't say manufactured prayers, nor do I use new age affirmations. I in fact do not pray whatsoever as is done here. I contact personally whatever divinity I wish to contact mentally. If I do want to bring in information I seek, I go into meditation. Just as demonstrated by walter russell. It is something I have done my whole life. I do make requests for ones to be assisted but this is not prayer.

Who all is in my group? We are of various origins, a mix of descending and ascending sons. I seem the be the only Mighty Messenger for sure. We have several Michael Sons, and some Daynals (Trinity origin teacher sons). One of our Michael sons is posting in this thread even. You can assume that most of our telepaths are on the leadership team as we call it.

We have a Melchizedek, that is Hazel. Some of my "staff or group" do not yet know who they are. Lets see we have a Lanonandek too who is a system head like Lucifer was. But of a stable system that did not have rebellion issues. Jess... trying to remember what he is, but he is a being from the Central Universe, I can't remember the type, but descending. Some are from inner earth families and members of the Kumara's. Large variety. One is an ascending son preparing for his "final exams" as such that will land him on Paradise. we have thousands of readers, but the core team presently is , well I can't get on my forum right now to look that up. About 40 now I think on our leadership team, we added more recently, I am not sure of the count. but they are from quite a variety of countries. Last I checked on the server itself, we are read in 175 countries. The tracking device on the front site does not pick up all the visitors.

There will be many more after the 3DD and on into the future. We expect 50 to 100 regional directors and all sorts of assistants.

As to revelations..... it would have explained the trumpets and much more about the upcoming changes It contained coverage of the cosmic energies that we would encounter because we are at the end of the age. It covered in detail that also new knowledge would be given. Some of the records were simply lost, others corrupted, left out on purpose. It's a shame they didn't get Michael right in it. Everyone assume "arch angel" and this is NOT so. It is MIchael of Nebadon and it would have stated also I am told that he is the creator son called Jesus. The simplistic leftovers about the new heavens and new earth, totally stinks. Sadly on this planet celestial beings are referred too only as angels and arch angels. TOO SIMPLE. This is all I have discussed with others about what is missing from it.

The urantia book, I would start some place in the middle. The first papers in it on the nature of the Trinity would leave most people woozy. skip around. Better to own one imho than read it on the web. Maybe start with the last 1/3 with the Jesus material. Papers 68 thru 72 cover a lot of social issues around this planet and others and are pretty readable. to those interested in evolution of earth, etc, will find most of papers 57 thru 65, readable but read them in order. the Lucifer rebellion papers and the Adam and Eve material is fairly easy to read, you do not need to understand some of the terms involved.
 Quoting: God Loves ALL

The only thing still keeping your delusional fantasy together is your Massive internet EGO feeding off of the energies of gullible easily manipulated people

Stop the Enormous Lies & come clean

its never too late to let all that garbage go & gracefully apologize for misleading & brainwashing so many people
 Quoting: ET emissary

ET Emissary...we both know each-other well don't we...
what i don't understand with you is, the circumstance that you don't just spread "your point of view" but instead being rude on everyone who does not seem to go along with what you say?;
There are so many threads on glp, but you always come around the ones Candace is posting in, bashing her and the works of AH....why?

The energies you are sending out really makes me shiver sometimes, why are you so full of fear, sometimes even hate?, sorry don't mean harm, but thats exactly what i get from you...we had this conversation before....the outcome was neither nice nor "fruitful".

What do you mean by coming clean? Clean of what and to who?
Does anyone not sharing your point needs to come clean?
Who's ego is speaking?
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