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Message Subject I have had I think a prophetic dream. I saw Angels and this is what they said..
Poster Handle dmfs
Post Content
What do you mean by coming clean? Clean of what and to who?
Does anyone not sharing your point needs to come clean?
Who's ego is speaking?
 Quoting: firmament

Stop playing dumb-dumb

she needs to come clean about all the Lies from her religious cult mixed with aliens

all the false fear beliefs & predictions that i pointed-out earlier & in the past

are you able to think & reason with the evidence provided or will you continue to ignore/deny it & deluded yourself with Lies & Disinformation?
 Quoting: ET emissary

interesting........i get it...what you're saying...but from what i can tell...you offer nothing as an alternative to what you consider foolish thinking
so i have to ask
exactly what is it that you think is going to happen, or is happening.....i see what you do not believe, but what DO you believe?
i will even ask you what you think SHOULD happen
according to your own...consciousness.....
so the question remains as to what you see in all of this and are able to make a statement of/concerning...from yourself...rather than just bashing others......i see you are an ET emmisary, is that correct? exact;y what does that entail and i can only assume that that is working for you..so please...enlighten us...i've heard so much from the fundalmentalists....exactly what is your take?
not so much to take an opportunity to bash you as seems to be practice with people here...but just for knowledge and a point of reference...we're all trying to figure it all out...even if we're sure that we already have....an open mind demands room for improvement......so if you have something that is better and can be proven...i want a chance to consider it......if you don't mind.....
or maybe i should make a separate thread for this subject...
i support the vision of OP and validity of Uriel in this...my experience leads me to conclude that it is valid. But we all have our experiences that make us who and what we are...so we have to share those in order to take all things into consideration as we progress in our evolution...spiritual or otherwise...so please...share...
Quoting: Michael Ben Elohim

most of what i believe in & know is happening is contained within these video messages

start from part 1 then the rest, listen very carefully to the information being presented then research it if you do not believe it

Quoting: ET emissary

it will take time to get through this...my audible hearing is not what it should be...i prefer written word....
so i please ask you again for what YOU think/feel in your own words.....i can do the same if you like, for you...since we're sharing...but please...at least a brief statement on things in your perspective/perception/experience....which we should all do for stuff like this, at some point...to take what we believe and have learned and put it into our own words....

for instance
God is all are we are one are we are all is God
pretty much sums up my belief system of things....
that God is all of us in experience and we are but Him experiencing His thought of us in His thought of ALL things at once....so He is being us and we are but His thought of us....so as to how the story that hE IS LIVING, THE SCRIPT OF THIS EXPERIENCE IS BEING PLAYED OUT...WE CAN ONLY CONJECTURE AND FIND OUT AS THINGS DEVELOP AND WE DO OUR BEST TO ACT WELL...BE GOOD ACTORS IN THIS PRODUCTION......
{sorry...caps lock}
and sides must be chosen to do hIS wILL AND BE hIS wILL...OR NOT...so it does take some experience in discernment...which would take some effort at individual thinking on spritaual olevels for ourselves...which some donot seem to be able to do...judging by appearances...whcih can also be wrong....so
come on people
the good the bad the beauthiful and the ugly
all of you and us and them
without bashing anybody else for what they have come to believe and know in experience.....what has your experience led you to believe?
not just what you are taught by others
but what you...YOU have come to within yourself...and be honest...it counts in many places for you to be so....
no more of this...'oh...you must be wrong....state why and offer reasoning and experienced reason...if not proof of experience....if any of you can handle that...maybe not...YOU WORDS....YOU...no videos or quotes....YOU....perhaps i'm asking too much...and maybe this part should be moved to another thread....suggestions are welcome...even the fuck you type that so manyof you want and seem to fall back on when you can't think of anything esle to say.........
can you deal with it?
or is it too much for you?
just state your case without trying to convince anyone else of the same and let them amke up their own damn
minds...like it's meant to be........

ET, you never answered the above questions asked of you, but continue to bash others, without stating your case!

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