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Message Subject I have had I think a prophetic dream. I saw Angels and this is what they said..
Poster Handle Michael Ben Elohim
Post Content
most of what i believe in & know is happening is contained within these video messages

start from part 1 then the rest, listen very carefully to the information being presented then research it if you do not believe it

 Quoting: ET emissary

it will take time to get through this...my audible hearing is not what it should be...i prefer written word....

 Quoting: Michael Ben Elohim

try this link for the written version:
[link to 777alaje.blogspot.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23103473

read it....good stuff......but the entity that wrote this, did so with an eye on not going into complicated details and seems to have want to emphasize our personal responsiblities to our own spiritual evolution....whihc i'm all for.....
but none of that gives any reason to discount Divine prescence in all of this.....surely, the concpet of messiah and saviour and all that is limited to human needs, but the whole seires you speak of doesn't bother to go into thepersonality and intelligence of the Creator/Consciousness it speaks of. That there is such an intelligent Creator, of great power and glorious personality....in that which we refer to as God, either lovingly or not......the fact remains that said God is, in fact, a being in it's own right, possessing true and pure free will and absolute liberty to do as it pleases and is, infact, the only being in all of conscious creation with that ultimate status and right, having created all things that exist in and out of itself, including the trinity....and that all things are beholden to it for life...said life is established with a definite chain of command and hierarchy and delegation of authority according to the will of said originator of all life and existence, with a clear and definite plan that is being carried out according to its will...sasid plan also involves our own created creature evolution on many levels, including spiritual, with rewards of being for each newly gained level and state of being, otherwise there would be nothing to all or any of this and those that say that there is nothing and this is it so you might as well do what yo9u please with it...are right, and this is the result...and if such was the case, why all the trouble on the part of so many galactic planets and personnel for the sake of this little, out of the way place and planet, if there were nothing beyond this life to be gained?
i submit that God, is all things and in all things and that includes local universe creators such as ours and that, however we are being guided to fall into the particular slots of consciousness that will best guarantee our best possible results in ascension.... and that our mass resistance and confusion concerning the truth is what makes for how slow things are for us and why so many chances to figure it out are and have been given.
i don't see anyone that has made any working predictions lately. Even Nostradamus went awry after 87 due to shifting timelines.....and the bible code [remember that?] ALWAYS ASKED 'WILL YE CHANGE IT?', indicating that nothing is written in stone and only the final result of Divine victory is assured.....so when the final whistle or bell or horn is sounded and we are told to put our pencils and papers down....Divine Adjudication, judgement day...whatever...when we are grade and cheaers are expelled and those that passed get to graduate to the next level and those that didn't have to take classes over.......i think that all of us will be surpised concerning our score and grade and will just have to do ur best to pass as we see fit. that so many argue over what it takes to pass only proves how few will actually make the grade.....but here's hoping and congratulations to the ones who make it...you did great! hopefully i'll see you there at the graduation ceremony [ i put down as my answer to this one....yes, the vision of Uriel was valid...] but whatever happens, we all did our best, right? RIGHT!?
God be with and help us all to truly learn and do His Will....amen

thought.....Love Christ as state of being and god/man who told you that you would reach that state of being...and remember to pray to the same God that He prayed to, Father of all things...and give your will and all glory to HIM as He did....just a thought.
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