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Message Subject I have had I think a prophetic dream. I saw Angels and this is what they said..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There is a point which howevere must not be transgressed in my opinion..and that is to SLANDER the very nature of God

and in my opinion..it has been done in the history of this planet..unfortunately..

That I think is a sin against the Holy Spirit

but again..that is a metter for God and God alone to set straight

and the prophecies say precisely that


you do understand what that implies?

that at some point someone has DELIBERATELY LIED regarding the very nature of God

doesnt it?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28392925

I have found few people on this planet that have an actual concept of what God is. Any sin against the "holy spirit" is sin against LIFE. You ones don't know what it is as to the Original Trinity. It is the INFINITE SPIRIT. And what was bestowed on this planet at pentecost was the SPIRIT OF TRUTH which is mostly the Spirit of MIchael with some of Nebadonia tossed in. Michael was Jesus. Not AA MIchael, MICHAEL of Nebadon the Creator Son. the Spirit of Truth is a LIBRARY placed in the library of earth Records. The Library of EArth containes still many falsehoods. The Spirit of Truth (you find it still listed that way I hope in the KJV), is a copy of his MIND and its "living". Thus is MIchael always with us on earth. Just as files can be copied on your computer, so can also MIND files be copied, and it is MIND that is LIVING. WITHOUT YOUR MIND, your BODY can have not life to it.

You can only access the Spirit of Truth thru your Father Fragment, so you must have one to access it. The Father Fragment is often called the "holy spirit" too. It is not. Holy Spirit is related to Infinite Spirit, 3rd Person Trinity, which is as one simple short definition, the entire evolving mind of the whole creation. Mother Spirit, Nebadonia, of Nebadon is a daughter of the Infinite Spirit and may also be labeled as the Holy Spirit, which considering that's all 3rd person Trinity is accurate enough.

The Spirit of Truth is primarily a copy of MIchael's Spirit, of his MIND, and his "parentage" is the Universal Father and the Eternal Son. Michael is said to be mostly like the Eternal Son. The Eternal Son is a complex topic, more so than the Father and the Infinite Spirit. Besides being "persons" they are massive energies as is the Infinite Spirit. YOu can make people out of these and the Eternal Son does NOT ever leave the Central Universe, it cannot incarnate on dumb planets like this one. It is not Jesus.

As to the Spirit within you, the Spirit of the Father, for those indwelt with such, this is not 3rd person Trinity. It is first person trinity. Those of you who possess a Father Fragment are sons of the Father, it is FIRST PERSON TRINITY. Some have one on loan for their work, others who are ascending sons out of the animal evolutions will fuse with it, and become true sons of God. Fusion/merging with it, writes you into the book of life. Until then, your sonship with God is on a faith basis. After, because you have discovered by faith and lots of learning and wisdom that he indwells you, you become a REAL SON of the Father. This is not small statement as to what it means.

There are other sons and daughters of the Trinity also. Not a topic for here, but most angels, created beings are not Father indwell, they are permanent being by the nature of their creation which still comes thru some or all of the Trinity "parts". The seraphim for example, are daughters of MOther Spirit of each local universe. If incarnate, these daughters may have a temporary Father Fragment, because this provides the portal they need while incarnate to search the universe. We have on our team, Hazel who is a Melchizedek, but temporarily during incarnation her mind has a Father Fragment, so that she can communicate with Source. And it would be an experienced special Fragment, for her purpose. That is why her Source Messages are so good.

Even MIchael of Nebadon as Jesus, had such a bestowal to his mind as his connection with the Father, which also had bestowed itself on Machiventa Melchizedek's mind while incarnate at the time of abraham. That particular Father Fragment is now an independent being in his own right and has continued to serve Michael now, in his incarnation here again NOW. Michael is not incarnate by birth, he is using a manufactured body, for lack of better terms. So he needs this portal.

As to the teaching not to offend the HOly Spirit, that go totally mucked up. For it MEANT YOU, who are Father Indwelt, to hold yourselves HOLY. When you go muck up seriously are are offending your own Spirit. Ponder that one.
 Quoting: God Loves ALL

I think the Holy Trinity is three in One ..or One that is three
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