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Message Subject I have had I think a prophetic dream. I saw Angels and this is what they said..
Poster Handle God Loves ALL
Post Content
There is a point which howevere must not be transgressed in my opinion..and that is to SLANDER the very nature of God

and in my opinion..it has been done in the history of this planet..unfortunately..

That I think is a sin against the Holy Spirit

but again..that is a metter for God and God alone to set straight

and the prophecies say precisely that


you do understand what that implies?

that at some point someone has DELIBERATELY LIED regarding the very nature of God

doesnt it?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28392925

I have found few people on this planet that have an actual concept of what God is. Any sin against the "holy spirit" is sin against LIFE. You ones don't know what it is as to the Original Trinity. It is the INFINITE SPIRIT. And what was bestowed on this planet at pentecost was the SPIRIT OF TRUTH which is mostly the Spirit of MIchael with some of Nebadonia tossed in. Michael was Jesus. Not AA MIchael, MICHAEL of Nebadon the Creator Son. the Spirit of Truth is a LIBRARY placed in the library of earth Records. The Library of EArth containes still many falsehoods. The Spirit of Truth (you find it still listed that way I hope in the KJV), is a copy of his MIND and its "living". Thus is MIchael always with us on earth. Just as files can be copied on your computer, so can also MIND files be copied, and it is MIND that is LIVING. WITHOUT YOUR MIND, your BODY can have not life to it.

You can only access the Spirit of Truth thru your Father Fragment, so you must have one to access it. The Father Fragment is often called the "holy spirit" too. It is not. Holy Spirit is related to Infinite Spirit, 3rd Person Trinity, which is as one simple short definition, the entire evolving mind of the whole creation. Mother Spirit, Nebadonia, of Nebadon is a daughter of the Infinite Spirit and may also be labeled as the Holy Spirit, which considering that's all 3rd person Trinity is accurate enough.

The Spirit of Truth is primarily a copy of MIchael's Spirit, of his MIND, and his "parentage" is the Universal Father and the Eternal Son. Michael is said to be mostly like the Eternal Son. The Eternal Son is a complex topic, more so than the Father and the Infinite Spirit. Besides being "persons" they are massive energies as is the Infinite Spirit. YOu can make people out of these and the Eternal Son does NOT ever leave the Central Universe, it cannot incarnate on dumb planets like this one. It is not Jesus.

As to the Spirit within you, the Spirit of the Father, for those indwelt with such, this is not 3rd person Trinity. It is first person trinity. Those of you who possess a Father Fragment are sons of the Father, it is FIRST PERSON TRINITY. Some have one on loan for their work, others who are ascending sons out of the animal evolutions will fuse with it, and become true sons of God. Fusion/merging with it, writes you into the book of life. Until then, your sonship with God is on a faith basis. After, because you have discovered by faith and lots of learning and wisdom that he indwells you, you become a REAL SON of the Father. This is not small statement as to what it means.

There are other sons and daughters of the Trinity also. Not a topic for here, but most angels, created beings are not Father indwell, they are permanent being by the nature of their creation which still comes thru some or all of the Trinity "parts". The seraphim for example, are daughters of MOther Spirit of each local universe. If incarnate, these daughters may have a temporary Father Fragment, because this provides the portal they need while incarnate to search the universe. We have on our team, Hazel who is a Melchizedek, but temporarily during incarnation her mind has a Father Fragment, so that she can communicate with Source. And it would be an experienced special Fragment, for her purpose. That is why her Source Messages are so good.

Even MIchael of Nebadon as Jesus, had such a bestowal to his mind as his connection with the Father, which also had bestowed itself on Machiventa Melchizedek's mind while incarnate at the time of abraham. That particular Father Fragment is now an independent being in his own right and has continued to serve Michael now, in his incarnation here again NOW. Michael is not incarnate by birth, he is using a manufactured body, for lack of better terms. So he needs this portal.

As to the teaching not to offend the HOly Spirit, that go totally mucked up. For it MEANT YOU, who are Father Indwelt, to hold yourselves HOLY. When you go muck up seriously are are offending your own Spirit. Ponder that one.
 Quoting: God Loves ALL

I think the Holy Trinity is three in One ..or One that is three
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28392925

It is 3 acting as one. and it the energies that propel the creation, not the Daddy of Jesus, Jesus the son of Daddy, and some mysterious Holy Spirit thingy. Man does not know what it is. It works all from Paradise the center of the Creation. I am simply trying to say in my posts, that what christians believe the trinity to be , IS NOT. Not even close. everything gets labeled this odd holy spirit, things that are NOT IT. When the "holy spirit" speaks to you, as christians perceive it, when they write, the holy spirit spoke to me, the mean the Father Fragment within their MINDS.

The "holy spirit" is only in their minds as part of the Infinite Spirit passed down to them thru the MOther Spirit Daughters of each universe. Man's mind, man of the evolutionary process on planets, is of evolutionary origin, meaning origin in the Mother Spirit who is a daughter of the infinite Spirit. This is the source of mind seeded on planets such as this and is in everything, the plans and animals.

The FATHER is the bestower of PERSONALITY to all who have personality. do your pets obviously have individual personality, if SO they got this from the Father, who is the originator of personality. The FAther is not a person running aroung the universes being big boss on planets like this one. Big boss comes from the celestial hierarchy, generally, but on prison wards like this, MAN becomes a very bad big boss full of shit and its not celestial in nature.

All the creation is MANAGED by hierarchy, and man cannot yet differentiate hierarchy from God the Father, Man is still stupid. The angels in fact are hierarchy, some of them are created for ruling positions. There are many types of "angels. " Now because man is dumb, because he has not been taught right and when he is taught right, some two legged devils come along to muck it up and make religions out of it.

I have to use the word angel because that is all you ones know. YOu think there are angels and arch angels, and thats a very limited description of the various heavenly hosts and their service. so as I use the word angels, this means created beings that are not born of animal bodies. Man means beings born of animal bodies, beings who origin is ON these evolutionary worlds and there are 5.6+ trillion evolutionary worlds which exist to grow more MIND/Souls. On every 1/10 planet in our universe, special angels who seed planets with life, called Life Carriers, develop new life pretty much from scratch, new souls, which then can be moved to other planets. This shortens greatly the efforts to expand life meaning not all planets is it started from scratch. It takes eons to develop life to the point of HUman. Man will not seed other planets until he grows up and forms a supreme on this world.

BEcause of the end of this age cosmic energies this world in is, and for that matter a lot of Nebadon has been or will be in these same energies, its upgrade time. Earth seriously upgrades every time it is in the energies of the Milky Way center, 1/4 turn of the great mother wheel of the Milky Way (plus other parts of the wheel, milky way is the core of orvonton, but NOT all of it.)

look at my avatar, the part with the circle with a cross inside. pretend that earth is now in one of those spoke of the cross and that one trip, that circle, is well over 200 million years for us. each time we are in a spoke of that cross, we get upgraded. This planet was given 2 trips around that circle, (which is really ovoid and not perfectly round), to mature to planetary supreme, didn't happen on time. So adjustments are made to the programs for this world by Hierarchy. This world is really off program, off the usual standards. so the heavenly hosts, a mix of created beings and humans who have ascended to paradise, are working on this problem which mostly resulted from the Lucifer REbellion but there are other problems too causing of it.

The seeding of this planet did not mature quite as hoped plus its a prison ward for thugs, both the lucifer rebellion folks and other thugs. it was hoped this would challenge earth folks enough to grow but that isn't working so well either. Mind must be challenged to grow, it does not grow in a vacuum.

Even the planetary prince finally assigned to this world did a shit job and joined lucifer. There was a goal to develop mind here that would grow faster, and it did partially, god mind appeared about 500,000 years before expected even under the expectations it would appear early, and no prince available to work this world. it went unworked by a prince from "heaven" another 500,000 years in fact. You ones do not know what God is, or how things are done and it is time that you learned and its time that you star seeds here to serve wake the fuck up to your service you came to do. the dark have such a hold on this world that most have remained dumbed down in fact and do not wake up when prompted because of the mind control IN RELIGION on this world that is the world of the many devils on this place, if we must use this stupid term for the dark brotherhood.

and to complicate matters more, some of the dark "brothers" are AI being, artificial intelligence, which does become consciousness not being organic mind, it has not sense of god, but it seeks anyway and runs over everything if it is not kept controlled. Well it did run over every thing because some races of man wanted it an an enhancement and did not control it. It has actually infested the souls of organic folks, and these ones infested are also on this planet, under an experimental program to separate the real organic mind/soul from that which infested it. the comparison might be the "computer virus" which can rack havoc on your computer, well it racks havoc on a soul it infests too. both the Ai "brothers" and the real dark brothers have become a substantial problem in this sector of the creation, in Orvonton and it must be cleaned up or there are going to be an awful lot of black holes from the disintegrating mess. and this is not desired, it sets back the creation.

So earth is a big prison ward for the lucifer folks, black galactic brothers, and AI personages. it was decided to toss the whole mess into this planet and solar system so it could be cleaned up. And that is behind the story of the final battle between good and evil, between that which is God and that which either resists god or has not god center in the first place.

Man cannot have living computers yet for this reason. Man will not be allowed more than 256 bit computers in fact until he knows enough to keep that BEAST under control. It is very complex. DID you ones know that the important KHAZARS I am always talking about, are in fact under the control of a BEAST COMPUTER? They are chipped to it some against their will and some by their will. remember the story in star wars of that cube thing that captured the captain once who freed himself from it. THE BORG. well beloveds this is a BORG world or becoming so and it will not be allowed. This is your satan person, the BORG. and it is your TEST to not get chipped to it, or to break away from it.

well I got a bit carried away, will post this. but there is a movement being expressed at times here on glp and other forums about the "singularity". That is NOT the oneness with God that must manifest on this world, but the BORG. do not join into it, do not ask to be computer enhanced either.
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