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Message Subject I have had I think a prophetic dream. I saw Angels and this is what they said..
Poster Handle justmeoneofmany
Post Content
ok i will be honest & admit that many of my posts sound aggressive & egoic

i apologize for this

this is because of my Frustration of providing the proof or making my case & yet people do not see it or understand it & still ask for more proof or ignore or deny it altogether...
what more proof do you need, i have provided all the straight-forward proof to make the point

others ask what solution do i have in mind...

Here are some basic solutions:

1. Let go of all religious beliefs, bibles, new-age urantia book bible, saviors, messiahs & old fear program thinking
(these are deceptions for your soul & must be released{IF you truly want to be healthy & liberated})

2. Turn Off all brainwashing noises & programs from the radio & tv that disturb the peaceful silence within you
(within this silence you will hear the words of your soul or guidance & sometimes{or many times} the rational ego mind, learn to distinguish between the two)

*outside in nature is an outstanding place for this

3. Instead of praying to or worshiping false-god messiah saviors from the sky, space or elsewhere...
Start taking responsibility for your life by taking care of your health by not doing any types of drugs & feeding yourself real healthy food, vitamins & supplements

treat your body gently, listen to what it says/needs, give it plenty of rest & water

release unnecessary activities & stress

human-beings nature is to live peacefully abundantly without struggle
(obviously the world is currently functioning upside-down :)
& Human duty is to work harmoniously with the earth

4. Instead of waiting for changes to change your life, Start changing your life by cleaning up your surrounding environment, property, backyard, house & room

5. Begin living your life with true Love & self-love
Approach difficult or negative situations with love OR detach from them completely

imo these basic steps & others should help assist people to raise their frequencies, heal/re-activate their dna & be able to match earths rising frequencies

earths 3rd dimension/very dense material physical world is coming to an end

earth is already well on its way to being transformed to live with & function at the higher 5th dimensional frequencies

it is a gradual but ever rapid process & will not happen overnight or few days with one big cataclysm as others suggest
 Quoting: ET emissary

Make no mistake, worshiping false-god messiah saviors from the sky, space or elsewhere. In no way is that happening. I tell you this truth It's a reckoning!!!!! EVIL people your umber is up
Its the AGE of truth,,THE REVEALING
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