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dirigentis instrumentum - tool of directing

User ID: 19949961
11/16/2012 03:42 PM
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dirigentis instrumentum - tool of directing
""Dirigentis Instrumentum" can be translated as "Means of Directing" or "Tool for Directing."


"They may not have cores of some esoteric magical substance, but many are chased with gold or silver, inlaid with tortoise shell or mother of pearl, or decorated with ivory, quartz stone or engraved inscriptions.""
[link to www.strugala.com]

dirigentis argentum instrumentum.
the silver tool of tyrrany.

their wands of silver wave
mankinds silly tragic.
in a world not new and brave.

controlling laws discreetly
lives of others crave
feeding on the needy
refusing us to save.

when people get to power
the poor to them forgotten.
in the harlots golden shower 
on hearts so sick and rotten.

standing on shoulders of giants 
governing social fantasies.
fearful evil tyrants
ontop a pile of nobodies.

families feeding on minimum ration
fear of tomorrow,  millstone to wear.
we can survive with co-operation,
crops creating abundance to share.

why the wait for another savior?
where's the love and help for others?
serious study in human behavior,
proves we're all sisters and brothers.

fear of starvation
mankind oldest bane.
our only salvation:
meet abel and kain.

one who killed his brother
not only for fortune and fame.
but to impress his father and mother,
murder forever sealed the shame.

the spirit of competition,
conquering fearful hearts.
forever demanding submission,
supressing creative arts
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