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Message Subject The Israeli mission into GAZA that is more likely than not coming.
Poster Handle *Evan*
Post Content

That's because you are convinced it's 2012 and your living in it
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27886062

Oh, please expound on that.
 Quoting: Sleeping Giant

Today is November 16th 2012

The reason you believe this to be true is what?

It's made up and you believe it

So who's to say that someone does not know what happens on August 4th 2014?

And don't say it's because it hasn't arrived yet lol

You only perceive that to be true
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27886062

But, it hasn't arrived yet. haha, just kidding. but, you are right. It's only 2012 because my electronics tell me so. The aliens told me it is actually 2014 too. But, that was before I stopped the space time continuum and slipped back to 2012, so I do know that it's 2012 now.
 Quoting: Sleeping Giant

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