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Message Subject The Israeli mission into GAZA that is more likely than not coming.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Israelis should get used to war forever. For them, there will NEVER be peace--nor should there be. The Palestinians want their land back! It is that simple--and it really is their land! It is NOT the land of every Jew on the planet. The idea that every Jew on the planet has some moral right to go there and settle in whenever he gets the urge--is obscene and indefensible. Shame on America for supporting such a criminal enterprise. If America were not the morally depraved toilet bowl that it truly is--it would support the Palestinians and arm them.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27899301

What are you talking about historically Jerusalem is the Jewish holy city before the Arabs came to town and claimed it as there own destroying Jewish holy temples erecting their own right on top! The name Palestine comes from the people that inhabited the sea land area and even though they were defacto Egyptians they were not Muslim. They worshiped a semi aquatic god and were both warlike and cosmopolitan. The Muslims are on the wrong side of history here and have always been the aggressors. In fact Jerusalem is not even mentioned on the Islamic holy book nor did Mohammed ever even step foot in jerusalem.
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