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Message Subject The Israeli mission into GAZA that is more likely than not coming.
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Hi SHR! Your take here is absolutely right. For the last two years I have been blasting the Admin's position on the ME until I put it all together and posted in someones thread about 8 mos ago. My hypothesis was all the Admin's ME moves went in one direction that was destabilazation of the major ME players. The purpose of this is to weaken the gov and prevent any concerted action against Israel. An Egypt under Mubarak/Libya under Ghaddaffi/Syria under a strong Assad all represented a serious challange to the continued existence of Israel. Especially when you throw in Iran/Lebanon etc.. A strong leader in charge of these armies presented a clear and present danger as they would follow them wherever. No matter who won control in these countries they would not be able to maintain the complete military control that previously existed. Also, a side effect could well be that these nations could be set on some type of path to establish democratic governments not immediately neccesarily but some time in the future. Your assessment bears this out. Both Egypt and Syria are for the most part neutralized. Libya is a quagmire. Iran is so preoccupied with western naval disposition that it welched immediately when Israel decided to handle the Hamas issue. The Hizzies in Lebanon are nation building and thus they have been playing nice. If I am right the gamble paid off big time.
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