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Message Subject The Israeli mission into GAZA that is more likely than not coming.
Poster Handle my 2 cents
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Israel couldn't back down now even if they wanted to (which I don't think they do.) If Israel stood down now, all you'd hear for the next 5 years is how Hamas whooped Israel's ass and sent them packing. That and for Israeli leaders it would be political suicide. The rockets would continue, Bibi would lose in a landslide in the coming election and rightfully so. Also, the IDF didn't amass huge columns of tanks, infantry and heavy vehicles just to let them sit by the border fence doing nothing. No excuses either about world opinion not allowing it. They have the tacit, if not outright approval of most of the western world.
As sure as night follows day they are going in.
 Quoting: my 2 cents

I don't think Israel is going to follow through. For years they have approached these situations with big rhetoric about their security, but don't have the nerve to really ruffle any feathers. Cast Lead was pretty much the maximum effort. I remember Netanyahu saying Olmert decided to end Cast Lead "prematurely" and that if Prime Minister, he would have finished off Hamas.

We're about to find out if Netanyahu meant that. I think he's grown soft unfortunately.
 Quoting: ISO

I agree that Bibi is the one factor that could yet derail the campaign. But I think he's painted himself in a corner he can't back out of both politically or militarily. And what would he say to the people of Israel when the rockets inevitably start back up after squandering the chance to stop them?
Interesting discussion.
 Quoting: my 2 cents

I think Israel will back down out of pressure not to repeat Cast Lead, and Bibi will just ignore it, just like the Olmert govt' ignored the humiliation of Lebanon, as if it never happened. In other words, the Israeli government talks a big game about security, but when the public is behind them, they drop the ball.

Israel is the only country in the world where the government gets public approval for the war effort to ensure their future security, and then collapses anyway and fails to follow through, leaving the public holding the bottles of rhetoric in their hands.

It makes people furious, and causes them to stop supporting Israel out of a disgust for not following through on their own policies. I think Israel's government may use election cycles as timelines for acting tough, and then panics when people protest in Israel against the first baby steps of any campaign to blast Hamas for good.
 Quoting: ISO

Good point about the tough talk happening close to election times. But this time around the election is timed so Bibi will have to back his tough words with tough actions. He can't kick the can long enough to get past the election. Even if he could who would vote for him after skulking away from battle like a dog with its tail between its legs. That's why I think it's different this time around.
I will admit though that Israel often makes me scratch my head in wonderment at some of its decisions.
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