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Message Subject The Israeli mission into GAZA that is more likely than not coming.
Poster Handle SHR
Post Content
The level of reserve call up now surpasses the numbers of the 2nd Lebanon war and cast lead combined. My money is the incursion will come sooner rather than later. I expect after sundown Saturday.

The mobilization level reveals to me that Israel considers the risk of an expanded war is high enough to deploy early. This is the very kind of first phase I would expect before engaging Hezbollah in an offensive to the north.

An interesting week lay ahead. Perhaps the war we have all discussed many many times.
 Quoting: D. Bunker

Thanks for responding D...I didn't know the call up was beyond those numbers. I think you are right too...Israel is going to be ready for an attack from Hezbollah in the North, however I just don't see Hez doing it this time, I think they are going to sit it out.

With all that is going on?...Egypt having an new govt, Syria being a mess, Libya being a worse mess...I believe that Israel is going to seize the day and take out Hamas for good...and they don't expect any other nation to throw in and play Calvary...

We'll see...I think your time frame is on too...it's going to be days.
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