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Subject Natural and Man-Made Disaters Everywhere, The Verge of Global War, and More... DOOM IS NOW!!!
Poster Handle Slick Vick
Post Content
Events are building around the planet at a rapidly increasing pace. Fukushima is still pissing radiation in every direction, the east coast of Amerikkka is fucked, we have a massive problem in the gulf states regarding a link between an evergrowing sinkhole and the BP Macando well, WW3 is priming up and this is only the beginning.. Odd ocean floor anomolies, noises coming from the sky, unexplained tremors, and more..

The idea about time speeding up at the end of 2012 is literally coming to fruition in front of our very eyes.. Some events are existing, some are peaking and others are just beginning to unfold. This is all happening at an ever-increasing rate and the only possible and rational outlook at this point is that it's going to proceed foward with increasing intensity.

Very odd things are happening as of late; far too many to list.. Six months ago I would have said the same thing, but REALLY it is getting far worse within the last 3 weeks alone.. There are too many events to follow and those are only the ones we know about..

The middle east is about to explode into massive scale warfare. This alone will be historical. And yet theres events happening everywhere, odd events..

It's here, GLP.. It has officially begun. Everything is going to seem to blur together because so much will be happening all at once that it will be nearly impossible for us to keep up.. I can feel it happening and I can see it happening right now as I type this. The next 30 days are going to be unlike anything that has been witnessed by modern civilization.

Prepare people, please, prepare. The warning is everywhere, do not ignore it.
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