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Message Subject Natural and Man-Made Disaters Everywhere, The Verge of Global War, and More... DOOM IS NOW!!!
Poster Handle Slick Vick
Post Content
The exponential increase in eq intensity and frequency along with the ever increasing volanic activity, coupled with the ME war about to turn global is enough to make me think the end of the Mayan Calendar will bring birthing pains like we have never seen as we transition into the ar cycle.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1430626

Agreed.. The funny thing is the mayans probably knew that nature itself went apeshit evey so often.. and their calendar was based on it.. the cycles were based on the PLANETARY ALIGNMENT coming on 12/21 and the chaos that ensues before and after that alignment. however, we now have electrical grids, financial systems and nuclear energy so overall, the natural events that are going to happen will cause total devastation which will only escalate the massive deaths surrounding the upcoming war. Hell on earth and its approaching rapidly.
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