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11/16/2012 06:48 PM
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Did you know that
the tree that was planted at ground zero, that was to replace the one that was harmed in 9-11 is now dying. The limbs have been trimmed that have died, it is not full and beautiful as it was at first. The shrubs that were planted beside it, 5 have died and are brown and ugly, the other 5 that were planted away from the tree are green and beautiful. The tree is being held up by ropes. GOD is telling us once again that Washington, New York, or people can not fix this harbinger, only the U. S., when we repent and return to GOD and HIS morals. Repent and ask GOD to come back into America's life. There are pictures of this tree dying and plants 5 alive and 5 dying. I can not post them, but I hope some of you can. Rabbi Cahn, The Harbinger. In the back ground of this picture you can see the Tower that is being built. The LORD keeps trying to reach HIS people, but alas, seems we are too busy at other things.
If you break my wings, I will just find a cloud and learn to fly again. The Lord will catch you when you fall or teach you to fly! May the footprints I leave lead you to BELIEVE.