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Message Subject Which is Satan's second greatest decption since Eden? Catholicism or 'evolution'?
Poster Handle Ohwow!
Post Content
I think the Protestant Reformation was Satan's greatest trick.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3767410

Oh so you are short robbed Jesuit - the Protestant Reformation that caused men to stand up against tyranny wrapped in a dead language called Latin that only the elite "Priest" craft were allowed to know the contents of? And even that was translated out of the ancient gnostic texts that were rejected out of hand by all those that knew of the mystery schools and how they sought the godhood of man by magic and steps through a maze of hidden so called knowledge that only the elite were privy to?

After shaking off the shackles of a state ran religion of whatever origin, the Reformers opened schools to men and women alike, taught them to read and understand what it meant to be free from manmade religions of tyranny and how to hold onto their freedom through education and their right to know what God's Word says in their language without having to have a "priest" class reveal the meaning to them. The Reformers believed in all the things the Constitution gave to all men equally. The freedom from an oppresive government that rules in the name of God by deception.

Of course, I know this is hard to understand since most going to the dumbed down on purpose public schools, which when started by the Protestant Reformation were schools of higher learning, have lost the skills to read and can barely understand what they read without pictures.

Goodbye America, just as they wanted us to be, entertained to death without a cause, because the enemy no longer attackes as a dragon, but as a sheep, in wolves clothing, bringing intoxicating gifts of pleasure without reserve
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