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Message Subject Petition wants Obama to save Twinkies
Poster Handle Debauchery
Post Content
I know the products are bad for us. But the child in me will miss them. The adult in me will too. I work graveyard. I live off coffee and Zingers in the winter.
 Quoting: deanoZXT

Oh my fucking god. I forgot about raspberry zingers. I love those.
 Quoting: Debauchery


/RIP twinkies. BTW, 10+ pages on ebay for twinkies. Best one so far was $60 for a box of 10. Almost makes you weep over the stupidity of it. Someone will buy the brand, the name, and the recipe. Besides, they only shut down the US plants, it is still being made in Canada.
 Quoting: Borian

I was just discussing that with someone.

All those stupid people paying out their ass for twinkies, they're gonna kick themselves when they're back out on the shelves.
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