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Message Subject Petition wants Obama to save Twinkies
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
No Twinkie product even qualify as food. The cardboard containers it comes in are better for you to eat than the shit they put inside them.

The Twinkie Deconstructed link was pointing to the fact that a lot of the ingredients come from phosphates and petroleum. I was hoping someone could pick up on the hint their.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27910543

We did.....probably or probly WAY before you was hatched.

No shit Sherlock......point is you can eat shit and die if want to and if not you are SMART. Choice.......let us all sayyyyyyyyy "We Do Not Need To Know How To Use Our Brains Due To The Fact We Have One"....sound good? In other terms I would say this:
It is 5:30 PM Central Time (CST) and crossing a 6 lane freeway during rush hour is not smart AAAAAnnnnddddd Mr. Brainiac saaaaayyysss: I WOULD NOT Do That (cross the road) because You are going to get Killed or maybe just screwed up physically until you DIE. Mr. SmartAss speaks with an authoritative tone and saaaaayyyys: "I can walk where I want"....and get's all the FUCK run out of him but BARELY Lives......What should Braniac say to Mr. SmartAss?
 Quoting: AdHocBOHICA

That's deep. I never thought of it that way.

Nobody is even making a point. You just made one from thin air about what I said. You don't even really have a point to make, because I wasn't trying to make one either. I'm just trying to bring a little awareness out there about what's in Twinkies, and I displayed that I was a little surprised that nobody noticed. Then here you come.

When people say "Oh I loved those. The Ding Dongs were so good," I hear involuntarily in my own mind "God, I loved being so stupid poisoning myself with this garbage, ah the memories of how dumb I am, being a kid was great." I can't help it. The whole discussion is steered towards nostalgia of a shitty product and it speaks volumes about everyone who is participating in it. You can choose to be stupid and say stupid things if you feel that's your prerogative. Others will respond accordingly. Yeah I said "their" in my earlier post. That was stupid too, but it was an accident.
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