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Message Subject Petition wants Obama to save Twinkies
Poster Handle KonspiracyKitty
Post Content
That's like asking them to bring a family member back from the dead as a Zombie. They make look a little alike, but they will both destroy you in the end.
 Quoting: samanthasunflower

Haha, exactly. Government resurrecting a dead company...like burying said company in the Pet Cemetery and waiting for it to rise. They might be there with you again, but they're now an evil, twisted shadow of their former selves.

But it is very sad that Hostess is going under. Twinkies, man...no more twinkies. Hostess is like a national institution, as American as apple pie and all that shit.

But I don't think Hostess will be the last big American institution to fall victim to the big O. Might be easier to keep a list on who made it rather than one on who didn't in the near future.
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