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Now what is a LURK MOAR???

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 15796769
United States
11/16/2012 10:08 PM
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Now what is a LURK MOAR???
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 22213691
United States
11/16/2012 11:18 PM
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Re: Now what is a LURK MOAR???
It might be just a little pop culture reference to
Ermahgerd Girl meme. She talks with a super stuffy nose.

[link to knowyourmeme.com]

!!Erma Fhink Yur need to Lurk Moar!!

I think LURK MOAR is probably someone being snarky, telling you to LOOK MORE. They want you to use a search engine and do some research on your own instead of posting lazy questions.

Most GLPers feel that GodLikeProductionis not Google.
Even though they both start with G.
And a lot of GLPers get peeved with coming back down the lunatic ladder to explain things to us noobs. Don't let it bug you.

I hope I'm half close to figuring out what the other person meant by LURK MOAR, but that's how my brain understood it.

GLP is proudly admitting it's a conspiracy fringe and has it's own lingo. GLP really needs a cool, fun intro page that defines all the inside-jokes for beginners!

Here's some starters:
Everyone is snide about inside info such as "your uncle told you" or any other probably-not-really-in-the-know source.

Lots of comments & photos of "bringing in the tomatoes" before a Big Disaster arrives. Mine are dug up and composted. I'm ready.

Get a BRIAN = brain
you MORAN = moron

shill = GLPer is pointing out someone debunking or flaming a conspiracy issue by taking the other side

bot = possibly not a real human typing but a computer program response based on key words in a previous post

^^THIS^^ means they really agree with the thing typed right above and hit "quote" to reply with it.

There's many others, but those are the first I thought of.

Before you ever post a thread, please always do a search at the top to see if the topic is already covered, then go join that thread to participate, instead of starting random personal ones.

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