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Message Subject christianity vs GOD
Poster Handle MHz
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If it wasn't splintered it wouldn't need fixing, that has a specified date and there is nothing to says war has to exist all the time, it could be made a rarity but conflict with other could never be eliminated. We would be better off spending what we do on war and doing huge public works projects like turning Hudson's Bay into s fish tank that could feed the world (also protected from thieves) How many times did the world throw some food to the fish that were on the Grand Banks, had the fed them and such they could still be fishing (if they didn't sink any more war boats)Really we should take some of the credit. One God determined the two bruises in Ge:3:15, why does everybody expect the same events to cover both and because there appears to be '2 Gods' then the book must be false. Different places and people for different bruises, nothing more complicated than that than. If God is involved, the very first sign is dead people com out of the grave in a glorified body, any other teaching is just a game.
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