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Message Subject First time gun buyer/owner - suggestions??
Poster Handle Darrell41653
Post Content
If you have no experience with a weapon then I would suggest a shotgun. They are easy to maintain, ammo is cheap and plentiful, plus you dont have to be a good shot to hit what you aim at.
I would go with a 12 gauge pump, brand isnt all that important.

I know someone suggested a Glock. Pistols are great, but the drawback I see in your situation is lack of experience.
If you arent proficient with a pistol, dont expect to hit anything farther away than 15 feet.
As for hunting...It is possible to hunt with a pistol. But, again, if you cant hit what you aim at then what good is it.

Unless you are related to Wyatt Earp, you arent going to just pick up a pistol and hit anything, especially a moving target.
It takes practice, lots of range time and dedication to become proficient with a pistol.

A shotgun on the other hand is much more forgiving. Aim in the general direction, and you are pretty much guaranteed to hit what you aim at.

No matter what you decide on. Find someone who is well versed in firearms. Learn was much as you can from them, how to maintain the weapon, break it down and clean it, the proper way to shoot the weapon, and above all how to be safe with it.
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