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Message Subject First time gun buyer/owner - suggestions??
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Glock 17 is a fantastic choice.

But... Might I recommend the Glock 19.


The Glock 19 is chambered in 9mm, which is one of the most plentiful calibers in the world. (The same holds true for the Glock 17)

The Glock 19 is smaller, and more easily concealed. This would come in handy in a SHTF scenario or in everyday life.

If you get a semiauto pistol, it needs to be a Glock. If you get a Glock, it needs to be 9mm. 9mm is a capable round, there is ample supply, and it's cheap. The more you practice, the more capable you will be if and when you need to use your firearm in self defense.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15865434

I would beg to differ. There are many other better choices than a Glock. Polymer is great, But people have had problems with them.

here are top five

USP .40 compact- Great accuracy, concealment, and a double spring slide, making it handle like a smaller caliber handgun

P99 9mm- Tried and true, easily maintainable, like you say, 9mm is always available, cost friendly, and if you buy the right round, still has enough stopping power

SIG 229 .357 Compact- One shot, one kill. Stopping power to the max, compact for easy concealment. A good choice for someone who prefers kick, and a lot of it.

1911 .45 ACP- for obvious reasons. This has been issued in service for a very long time. Kimber makes an EXCELLENT line of 1911 for EVERY shooting enthusiast. I'd recommend the pro tactical, as it has a built in laser sight, is durable, the grips can be used in all weather (without slippage) and is a great round.

Beretta M9- still issued to law enforcement, military. This holds a good amount of rounds in it, is easily discharged in consecutive bursts, without losing accuracy. this is also mass produced, so magazines are in abundance and cheap.
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