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Message Subject First time gun buyer/owner - suggestions??
Poster Handle Travis Bickle
Post Content
As answered in your other post....

I recommend something that is EASY to clean, Works FLAWLESSLY and does no require much training.... Which is a:

Handgun: REVOLVER (Self Defense)
Long gun: BOLT ACTION RIFLE (Hunting / Self Defense)
Defense gun: PUMP ACTION SHOTGUN (Self Defense / Hunting)

All of which can be picked up at your local Big-5 or gun store.

The reason is that I recommend this combo is that you indicated "Neither of us hunt, so don't have much experience with guns."

Many semi-autos require quite a bit of training to use Effectively. They can jam, develop feed problems, or simply fail you when the time has come, and without training , it will be hard for you to over-come that failure.

In addition, the above listed guns usually come in a very popular caliber, which makes it easier to obtain ammo when ammo is in short supply.

I can go on and on... If you want more info, PM me.
 Quoting: Travis Bickle

Thank you!! And yes, we have pretty much ZERO experience with gun, so ease of use is important as well. I'll def. PM you if I have more questions as I search/go through this =)
 Quoting: amywood71605

Look... You're going to get a TON of "specific gun" recommendations.

The reality is that you need to find the weapon that feels right with YOU and YOUR HUSBAND, and work from there.

If you want, BUY a Semi-auto. My only caveat is that you practice with it. (And I don't mean, go to the range and shoot a paper plate or something) LEARN how the weapon fails, and what to do when it fails. LEARN what the pro's tell you is the fault with the weapon and practice over-coming that fault. That's all...

The only reason I recommended the weapons I did was that they have the LEAST amount of faults and are very reliable.

I own Glocks, Berretas Various 1911's, Sigs, Smiths and even a Colt. Each one is different. Each one has it's pros and cons.

In long guns I own Piston driven / Gas driven semi's, Bolt actions and pumps.

I have trained with them for my whole life. The reality is... In a pinch, I have my favorites.
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