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Message Subject First time gun buyer/owner - suggestions??
Poster Handle Kirk
Post Content
Well...there's different guns for different situations. A gun for protecting the house, a gun for protecting land or wider range, a gun for hunting small game, one for large game, etc. And among all these, a particular gun would be better for one person than another.

But for starters, i would focus more on home protection. You can't go wrong with a 9mm...females usually don't have a problem shooting this, and it is more than suffice. You can't go wrong with a Glock as mentioned above. Or you could go with a 12 gauge shotgun and use different rounds for different situations...shotguns are more versatile in that sense.
 Quoting: No More Lies

Thank you. I thought of that too - that different guns would probably be better in different situations. But, given that me and hubby are TOTAL newbies, I just want to start with one and get comfortable with that first.
 Quoting: amywood71605

only gun you will shoot much is a 22 rimfire because it is affordable. Great for tapping rabbits or squirrels, killing snakes, varmints in general. Ruger makes a great one, the 10-22
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