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Message Subject First time gun buyer/owner - suggestions??
Poster Handle amywood71605
Post Content
Amy, don't listen to most of these assclowns. They didn't even qualify you, where you live (in a rural or urban area), your stature and whether you've ever shot a gun before or not.

First... Some women can handle any gun a man can and some cannot. This isn't sexist, it's pure logic and dynamics of body weight and upper body strength. So if you're a bull dyke and have extra testosterone, a bigger gun won't be an issue. My wife for instance, she's a dead-on shot and she can handle up to a .45 hand gun and just killed it with an Ak-47 out on the range last week. However, she didn't care for the 12-gauge shotgun or .30-06 rifle because of the kick with both.

Second... What is your living situation and area to defend in? If you are in tight quarters, apartment, etc., a 20-gauge shotgun will work just fine. In fact, just the clacking of it will give whoever is breaking in second thoughts to stick around for the BOOM that follows. Chamber it with #2 or #3 buckshot and you'll do some serious defense and damage.

Third... Read what this guy has to say... He's smarter than most people I've spoken with and if you follow the links at the bottom of this link, you'll find just about all the information you'll ever want on guns. [link to www.chuckhawks.com]

Lastly (my two cents)... Guns are subjective to a great many factors. My perfect combination might not be your own, but it doesn't mean it's wrong.

We have a Remington 870 20 gauge (although I would have went with a Mossberg 500 or Beretta Xtrema II (Watch this clip and you'll understand why). Beretta CX4 Storm (.40 S&W), Beretta 96FS (.40 S&W), ATI GSG 522 (.22 LR), SIG P226 (9mm), Judge 410 (.45/.410 shotgun style shells) and I load hollow point in most of them because of the stopping power PLUS hollow point won't go through people and keep on going (like hitting someone else behind them. I went with .40 S&W on two of them because I anticipate there being plenty of it to pick up off of dead bodies in the apocalypse.

That's it... Good luck in your decision.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27340364

I'm 5'4, 118 pounds. We live just on the edge of town, but it's a pretty small town we live in, and we're fairly close to the Canadian border. We currently live in a single-wide trailer - decent lot of land. Neighbors to our right are very nice - older couple who spoil my kids, and the next house over is actually 3 monks that live together - they're always doing neat stuff - like walking around to find certain plants and stuff to make their own medicines, and they are also very nice.

Neighbors to the left? Its like night and day - to our left is a run-down apartment complex of about 6-7 apartments - it's pretty much all welfare bums - and no I do not think everyone on welfare is a "bum" - when I use that term I mean the losers who pop out kid after kid to get more, who don't work or try to find work, etc......there is one over there, a kid actually, 14 years old - the little punk actually crawled through our bathroom window one night and tried to steal my son's Nintendo DS that was on the nightstand by my side of the bed....of course we woke up and my husband probably would have killed him if I didn't calm him down. That kid hasn't come around since, I think hubby scared him but wtf? Come in while we're sleeping - and try to steal something by my head?!?! That incident scared me, even though it was just a kid.....So yes, I do worry about my neighbors in that building - they're low lives who have the whole "I'm entitled" attitude, not good!
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