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Message Subject First time gun buyer/owner - suggestions??
Poster Handle Whiskey Brother
Post Content
a remington 870 12 gauge shotgun is perfect for home defense, and hunting, and a good one can be had new for less than $400 decked out and ready to go.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27903974

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

This? I have to say - I like that looks of that more as far as hunting. Even though I dont hunt, my dad does every year and all the guns I've seen him use look more like this.
 Quoting: amywood71605

For a first time gun owner looking for an all purpose firearm, this is what Iwould recomend as well. Don't get an aftermarket pistol grip stock, as they are easier to use with the "stock" stock set up. Use double ought buck for defense and small game. Use slugs, O buck to double OO buck for deer. (That's what "buck" means. for use on a male "buck"deer.) And for birds use #4 to #7 size shot. Shotguns are "pointed" not simmer. That's because you are putting out multiple projectiles in a pattern. The size of the pattern is determined by the choke. The choke is a removable and changeable cylinder in the tip of the barrel. The various size chokes are used for different circumstances. For example, if you were. after ducks you would use the full choke, to keep the pattern tight for longer ranges. If you were after quail you might use the Modified"choke that spreads the pattern out closer to you. You can google more info, but that should give you some idea of the verstility of a 12 gauge shotgun.
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