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Message Subject First time gun buyer/owner - suggestions??
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all semi autos are great once you have mastered the art of clearing jams feed issues and such. If you have never been around a gun start simple. Easy as easy does it. Home defense a shotgun in mossberg or remington 12 ga pump action. Just the sound is enough for anyone who has heard one. .38 or 9mm for yourself for carry. 9mm or .40 or .45 for your hubby. Take a defensive course and a CCW class. Again learn the basics. If you want a hunting rifle pick up a cheap savage .223 .243 .270 or something comparable. My fav bolt action is my 7mm it will take down any north american animal in one good shot. Again learn the basics, I cannot stress this enough. Any .22 is a great beginner pistol or rifle. Everyone in my family loves our 10/22 SS bull barrel and ruger .22/45 6" bull barrel very accurate and easy to operate but they know how to use em and how to shoot. Good luck and remember safe gun handling.
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