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Message Subject First time gun buyer/owner - suggestions??
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
the way I see it is that if TSHF, you will need a small concealed carry weapon for your protection ... a sig sauer P230 is ideal, small light and is effective at short range

if you walk around with a large huntig rifle or shotgun or colt 45, you will get mugged for your weapon

if you ar a woman and need something for hunting, you will then need an additional weapon that is light, easy to fire etc and that has 25-30 rounds per magazine

thats why I suggested the sig sauer p522 .... good for hunting small deer/rabbits etc ... and can be a backup for protection as it takes lots of rounds and will be very effective at close range

if you are a butch strong woman,and elephant and moose are on your menu, then this caibre will not be suited
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