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Bible Battles: Abraham to David from a military perspective (H2)

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United States
11/16/2012 11:34 PM
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Bible Battles: Abraham to David from a military perspective (H2)
Using the old testament as a guide, see how Israelite warriors created an empire, we revisit the time of Abraham to David from a military perspective. * Unlock ancient soldiers' secrets using the bible. * See the tactics, weapons, and objectives of old testament war. * Expert insight on military strategies outlined in scriptures.

In addition to being a sacred text, the old testament is an historical account of ancient warfare. From Abraham to David, the bible chronicles the Israelites' creation of an empire.

This video collects expert insight to understand the strategies and tactics used during biblical times. Not only are weapons and battles examined, but we re-examine, from a military viewpoint, old testament characters who are not normally considered warriors. Hear from military historians on the effectiveness and strength of the Israelite army.

Review the time of Abraham to David and understand the warfare and tactics which led to David's kingship. Discover whom the Israelites fought, why, where the battles occurred and how they continued to persevere.