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Message Subject DOOM: Marijuana that doesn't get you high has been invented!
Poster Handle MHz
Post Content
it's called hemp.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27893232

lol Did hemp get a break in those 2 States or was that just the smoking kind.

Wouldn't a THC patch be a better way to 'do it' rather than via smoke and if you are going to smoke get a gas mask so the smoke stays with just you.
 Quoting: MHz

there is actually heaps of research with thc sprays and patches.
britain was doing lots back in the late nineties.

thc was found less than as effective as placebo for chronic pain , and most other ailments studied
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27893232

I seem to recall that brownies laced with it made having to turn the record over as more or less optional as long as the sound was still at high. Give them some of that stuff and see what happens, for any nation headed for the toilet this isn't going to speed things up or slow them down but the poorest wont be ramping up to demand equality if they can have a bud in the morning. No doubt the M. brand would be a mandatory intake.
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