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Message Subject ISS Video of Huge Rod UFO over S.America, 16th November, 2012
Poster Handle Smashy76
Post Content
FYI, my spelling or grammar might be a little on the crap side due to a few scotch's....

Lately, with all the UFO and alien stuff in the media it dawned on me that we always think of Alien's as 3 feet and taller. Then I thought, "what if an alien species came from a planet the size of our moon or even size of our sun...

my point is, who's to say that aliens are much much much smaller? We as humans think of things relevant to us or our planet, but who's to say an intelligent Alien species isn't an inch tall? or smaller due to their planet or whatever... For us to think of technology that is advanced enough to travel millions of light years through space, a few inches or ounces is just too difficult. There's no reason why an alien species can be small enough that 20 of them can fit in a spaceship that's the size of a football...

I guess these thoughts came from my days rolling joints and pondering life, but the more I think about it, whos to say our universe isn't just something to another species as small as coffee cup, or a species so big, we are actually on a microscope slide.......

it's just something to think about, as these UFO's in and out of volcano's un harmed might just be because the aliens drink lava.

Just a thought about how pompous humans are, cause we think we know, but really?
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