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Message Subject Sister in Tel Aviv
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Listen to me: I and she DON'T WANT ANYONE TO DIE OR BE INJURED. Those who simply choose a side and hope for death of the other are ignorant. I am not saying I or she think that at all, but I don't like seeing children die in Gaza on behalf on Israel and while I know Hamas would return the favor if they could I believe there is another way. Just no likely. I posted because I am conflicted as to what to think anymore.
 Quoting: Disillusioning

Except the zionists...right? Asshole.
 Quoting: Chip

do you even know what this word means? zionists? i lived in israel for 30yrs and never meet a zionist in my life, shut the fuck up dumbass.

there is a difference between people who live in israel and zionist and people like you tent to not see the difference between things.

you probably also call all of the people who are from the east asians and think they are same ? taiwan, china, japan, malasya, indonesia ... totally different places that have little in common but people like you cant grasp the difference so its all shades of dumb.
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