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Message Subject Sister in Tel Aviv
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Kill yourself, or stop saying stupid things, or both.

You and your sister are dumb. Being in Tel Aviv doesnt make you an expert on Israel and obviously your sister have no clue.

Do you know how it feels when there is an alarm and you have less then 30 secs to go to shelter? can you imagine this happening 30 or 200 times a day? for 12 years?

The IDF have superb itself so far. Close to 800 air strikes with less then 20 deaths (most of the deaths are bikers who were on the run after they set off a missile).

And still yesterday alone there were more then 200 missiles being shot at civilians in Israel.

I am not pro war, far from it, i am not even pro Israeli gov but what's going now has nothing todo with the gov from my p.o.v, its about many people and 1/4 of this country (in the last days this changed to 1/2) that is under constant missile fire for 12 years.

You smart ass American, sitting on your couch eating MacDonald's what would you do if Mexico would set missiles at your home and disrupt your fatty meals and life for 12 years?

You probably cant even see your feet's (gained some weight there huh?) not to mention places where you have never been, and that EVERYTHING that you heard about is from the media lies.

You are a waist of space. Probably a lot of space concerning the fact that your ip is from the usa.

People like you make me sick.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27903069

Would the Mexicans be setting off missiles because the Americans were bulldozing their houses and building "settlements"? Are the Mexicans setting off missiles because their country was hijacked in 1948? Do you know how that feels? Just asking.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16782114

the whole land of usa was taken from the indians (like the land of any country in the world probably?), what are u talking about.

israel is not building settlements, its small groups of crazy relegious people who go there and put 2 families with 10 children each and call it a settlement, and even if so it is not inside gaza or in their lands.

8 years ago or so there was an agreement with them after they started with the missile shooting and they said that they stop and israel stopped the war, they didnt stop, israel waited 4 more years and did another operation until they begged for a cease of the fire and promised to stop shooting missiles, israel stopped and they didnt, so now after 4 more years israel is starting another "war" to protect 1m people who are already in war for 12 years!

and just for the record - if there were crazy religious groups of lets say 0.01% or a few thousand people who were going down to mexico and building their whatever there because they think that jesus poop there or whatever, that wouldnt give mexico authorization to shoot missiles at CIVILIANS by the 1000's, everyday, for 12years.

fact is - the things that you think that you "know" are false and you have no idea on this subject.

i'm sorry if i've been rude in my posts but this just pisses me off.

i'm far from supporting the isreali gov but the things that the people of the south had suffered in the last 12yrs justifies flatting gaza with bombs from my p.o.v.

you are supporting a group of people who are shutting missiles at civilians who have nothing todo with whatever they think that whoever did to them.

and... just to make my point even more clear: gaza get TONS of $ from rich oil countries, and gaza could have easily been paradise, with their beautiful beach. each time there is an agreement done with their gov and each time while its being signed they keep shutting missiles.
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