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Message Subject Sister in Tel Aviv
Poster Handle AdHocBOHICA
Post Content
My sister is studying in Tel Aviv, Israel. She is not exactly pro-Israel (understatement) and neither am I. But what and how is one to think when all they hope for is the destruction of Israel. I can't hope for that while my sister is there. I don't want any death to anyone but if I had to choose it would be for the Zionist to pay. What and how do I right my mind in this situation?
 Quoting: Disillusioning

* What and how do I right my mind in this situation? *

Kill yourself, or stop saying stupid things, or both.

You and your sister are dumb. Being in Tel Aviv doesnt make you an expert on Israel and obviously your sister have no clue.

Do you know how it feels when there is an alarm and you have less then 30 secs to go to shelter? can you imagine this happening 30 or 200 times a day? for 12 years?

The IDF have superb itself so far. Close to 800 air strikes with less then 20 deaths (most of the deaths are bikers who were on the run after they set off a missile).

And still yesterday alone there were more then 200 missiles being shot at civilians in Israel.

I am not pro war, far from it, i am not even pro Israeli gov but what's going now has nothing todo with the gov from my p.o.v, its about many people and 1/4 of this country (in the last days this changed to 1/2) that is under constant missile fire for 12 years.

You smart ass American, sitting on your couch eating MacDonald's what would you do if Mexico would set missiles at your home and disrupt your fatty meals and life for 12 years?

You probably cant even see your feet's (gained some weight there huh?) not to mention places where you have never been, and that EVERYTHING that you heard about is from the media lies.

You are a waist of space. Probably a lot of space concerning the fact that your ip is from the usa.

People like you make me sick.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27903069

Listen, I am not picking a side here. And I agree you have a right to defend. I will not give you a history lesson here, but the Zionist movement began with the British needing a ally in the area during the war, this is not your generations war, their's neither. This shit should have been squashed prior to your birth. But it wasn't. No matter what comes of this bloodshed it will not end. THIS WAR WILL NOT END. So shut the fuck up. I am not going to respond to your insults because the fat jokes come with the territory (USA, but unlike you I know not all people can be categorized by where they live and the stereotypes that go with that area. I doubt you are a Zionist Jew that wants the death of Palestinians that still live on "your" land.
but i guess are not yet that evolved to know that all life cannot be categorized as worthy of life or not.

Glad you think we should both die. You are really making me hard to not fall into stereotyping all walks of life. While on the contrary I hope you and those that you love are safe today.
 Quoting: Disillusioning

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