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Message Subject Sister in Tel Aviv
Poster Handle Disillusioning
Post Content
Listen, I am not picking a side here. And I agree you have a right to defend. I will not give you a history lesson here, but the Zionist movement began with the British needing a ally in the area during the war, this is not your generations war, their's neither. This shit should have been squashed prior to your birth. But it wasn't. No matter what comes of this bloodshed it will not end. THIS WAR WILL NOT END. So shut the fuck up. I am not going to respond to your insults because the fat jokes come with the territory (USA, but unlike you I know not all people can be categorized by where they live and the stereotypes that go with that area. I doubt you are a Zionist Jew that wants the death of Palestinians that still live on "your" land.
but i guess are not yet that evolved to know that all life cannot be categorized as worthy of life or not.

Glad you think we should both die. You are really making me hard to not fall into stereotyping all walks of life. While on the contrary I hope you and those that you love are safe today.
 Quoting: Disillusioning

i'm sorry, i think that too many posts from people who have no clue just pissed me and it came a bit on you.

i wish you well and not for your death and sorry about my hard words, but i stand for them (not for the insults that came with the mood).

this condition have gone too far, this war was not a question of if, it was just a question of when. i do suspect that the zionist gov (thats the only zionist thing in israel) have chosen the timing for this and it is not an accident, but i do not believe that a full on war will emerge from this.

but, as i can write whatever i want and u can reply whatever u think of.., there are still missiles falling. close to 50% is intercepted by iron shield missile defense system which leaves a rate of "only" 100 per day.

most of the missiles are home made but still enough to kill every1 in a house where it hits, the danger is real for many people.

most of the people of isreal didnt chose to be here, they just are because they have no where to go.

ofakim is the city with the highest unemployment rate in israel, about 70% or smt crazy, this place is getting 10's of hits every day for years, and the people there really have nothing to eat and dont care about gaza or whatever - they are the reason for this war and this is why i'm pro this war.

i'm not pro war with iran, i think that this is a big lie and even the talk in the street is about how the media is telling bullshits about it and there is no threat.

but there is a big difference between iran and gaza - iran is talking the talk, they are living well there and have a great country and only talk once in a while about israel, on gaza they are shooting missiles at israel and then go hide in places where they know the idf wont hit them (like under hospital or children shelters).

the condition of the south of israel have became so accepted that its less then a title on the news, between the headlines and the weather "and there was 2 missiles in bla bla this afternoon, 2 deads", this have to stop.

i hope that this operation goes smoothly and well and that there wont be deaths on any side, but also that this wont end until something changed and 1m people will get their lifes back, they deserve it like every1 else.

i know many good people who are on active duty now in the forces who are waiting to get to gaza. most of them hate being there, but they do it for their friends who are also there, for their families and friends who have suffered injuries from missiles attacks, and mostly because there is no1 else and they just have to, hell if the idf would call me and ask me to come and help get the life of these 1m people back i would have gone to do what i can to help them or the poor people in gaza who are being used as a human shield for these terror acts.

anyhow it should end in a few days.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27903069

You sound like a good person, and that doesn't surprise me. I went back and read my original post and realized it may have sound that I hope for the destruction of Israel, when really I was outlining the conflicting thoughts within myself of choosing a side, and realizing that the one side (the Palestinians) want the destruction of Israel, while the IDF want the destruction of the Hamas (at any cost it seems). I was trying to say that I can't, in my right mind, side with either, and the confliction that arises from my sister being present there has made me realize that my ideas of Israel has been flawed for some time. Because I realize you can NEVER hate a whole country, but rather, can only hate those that run the country. Or even not hate them, but hate their ideology.

I did not make that very clear in my original post and that was my fault. I do hope this ends, and I do feel for the southern dwelling Israeli's. While I am in the armed forces, I can only imagine what life must be like there.

I appreciate your view that Hamas needs to be eliminated with as little collateral as possible. I do not follow MSM here, and think those that do are more FUCKED than I. Iran is a different story, my fear is that they are trying to tie Iran to the new fajr5 rockets that are being fired from Gaza. From what I see they saying Iran is funding and supplying Hamas and the al-quds brigade inside Gaza via the Sudanese/Egyptian tunnels. This is what scares me, war with Iran because of this ^ would be scary.

Anyways, it sounds like we agree more than we initial thought.

Godbless, be safe and may our ideas outlive and outshine those *ideas that are darker.
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