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Message Subject Sister in Tel Aviv
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My sister is studying in Tel Aviv, Israel. She is not exactly pro-Israel (understatement) and neither am I. But what and how is one to think when all they hope for is the destruction of Israel. I can't hope for that while my sister is there. I don't want any death to anyone but if I had to choose it would be for the Zionist to pay. What and how do I right my mind in this situation?
 Quoting: Disillusioning

You can start by ceasing to hate a nation of people that just want to be left the hell alone.
 Quoting: Big Irish Bastard

ohh! finally some common sense! thank you!! i send you a big hug, you seem to get the real picture.

this is the real story... 1m people in the line of fire in the south of israel (this have grown to 4m or so? idk? in the last days) and about 80% of the people of gaza who just wants peace and be allowed to shop/work/whatever in isreal.

the only thing that needs attention is the hourly missile attacks, if they would cease peace can be made.

hamas is preventing peace and whatever the op of this post thinks about the condition of gaza (which is probably true, these people are really poor because of this conflict) - is because of the hamas.

if there was a possibility to just go there and shoot all the 1s who are causing all of this mess in the head and then sign REAL peace with the REAL people of gaza who want peace, i wouldnt be the 1st one standing in line to get my whatever they give me.

hf hf hf hf hf

smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch <-- i send you this, if you are a girl then you can switch the girls to boys, or dont switch if you like? haha

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27903069

hf back to you my friend. May you be blessed and protected.
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