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Message Subject Sister in Tel Aviv
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If my sister was in Israel I sure as hell wouldnt be on the internet talking zionist shit. All electronic communication has ears.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27903882

at least half of tel aviv isn't exactly pro israel.

especially the younger and students.

none of them really bother hiding it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27893232

This^ what you think they are going to trace my ip find my name, and then find out who my sister is half way around the world and "Get her" because I am not pro0 israel? what the fuck? I am quite the "tin foil hat" but that is CRAZY and 3 of you echoed the same? What the fuck do you think would happen?
 Quoting: Disillusioning

i just wanted to post something to share with every1 who dont know it (well, you dont live here .. so obviously you dont know it) - anyhow, just like the people of israel are not zionist, the people of gaza are not hamas.

i know that this may sound bizarre to people who dont know the real picture but this is the real issue here, surely they support hamas .. because they have nothing better to support, but most of them are not pro terror, most of them are good people.

this is why the idf is doing enormous efforts to hit bikers and not just to blow the whole building where these people who are shooting missiles are. they understand that the mother/father/sons/daughters/sisters and brothers of these people are not to blame in the condition that is raging there.

israel have nothing with the people of gaza, no conflict or whatever, the gov is giving them aid whenever they can because they understand that these people are suffering and have no where to go.

this is why the people of gaza are "like" the idf in a way - close to the problem but not a part of it, they are a 'player' in the game but nothing more, they only react to actions forced on them by other players in this war game.

this is the real story of this conflict. millions of lifes that are distorted.

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