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Message Subject Sister in Tel Aviv
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yes ^ and same for the people of israel not all being zionist. I hope you.now understand my intentions and point of my original post. I was not bashing Israel, rather sharing how the conflictions of my sister being present there have taught me that my thoughts for years have been flawed.

Be safe all.
 Quoting: Disillusioning

yes, i get you now, this conflict have so many sides that people who are not here are unaware of, starting with the small things.. like how my closest friend went to the front line because he knows some1 who was hit by a missile, i told him to not answer the call if the idf call him but he said that he must and i tried to convince him, now i am just worried sick for him, last times when he was in the front line he was miraculously saved (5 times) when bombs fall a few meters from him/unexploded and such or when a sniper missed his head because he moved.

there are also groups of people who are not the palestinians but are arabs, some are being attacked on the street and 'israeli rednecks' cant tell the difference, you know, i wont go into more details about this because you get it but this is another example of an untold aspect of this conflict.

also the whole missiles on tel aviv thing, if you think about it .... tel aviv is "the big city", city that runs 24h how the hell did it get involved in this? it doesnt even make sense? if the hamas have an argue with religious people why do they shoot missiles and brag about hitting the people who are as far from this conflict as some1 in israel can be?

to put it in different pov, its like if religious christians would want to get their hands on somewhere, lets say mexico, would it make sense if the ppl of mexico would shoot missiles at ny or at the biggest 'bubble' in the states where there are people who are as far as possible from this (in their mind) and dont care about this.

anyhow, in any perspective, any problem that the ppl of gaza has, can be solved by talks with israel and any problem that they might have will probably be gone if there would be peace, and this is the bottom line.

the missiles and the condition in the south and in gaza is just a reminder that every1 are going away from the the real solutions.

i wish you well too my friend.

sorry if my words were not clear or if i had typo errors, im just too tired and pissed from this damned war that is now sucking a few more millions into, including me, and there is nothing i can do about it.

best of bests.
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