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Message Subject Sister in Tel Aviv
Poster Handle eve incognito
Post Content
i just realized that i say for myself that i look jewish, or that i have stupid jewish hair.

coz i', not jewish this can be misinterpreted and i'm sure it has been.

i am a bit on a plane side, not completely unfortunately looking, but not much of a looker either.

half hurly half stringy hair, bigger nose, pale skin, dark hair....

this likinging myself to a nation of people who were often the target of racist attacks historically, could be interpreted as racist, but it really isn't.

i've met jewish people form bosnia, who are bosnian and grew up here, and jewish people from israel, both male and female, bosnian and israeli were very beautiful, and looked nothing like me, lol.

so i do not say i "look jewish" coz i think jews are plain looking, but coz some steretypes claim that, (i am not jewish and i still have a bigger nose, and thus prove the stereotype wrong)

anyway there's a lot of fear, and prejudice and somehow people like to assume the worst about me personally, but ,my hair isn't stupid coz all jewish hair is stupid, it's just that i never learend to groom it properly, and i am not being serious either about the jewish stereotype or about me being ugly.
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