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Message Subject Psychic Reading exchange
Poster Handle Glp fan3
Post Content
I am open to non tarrot card readings.

I am too. When I'm in a better mood, I'm a lot better reader. Chemicals and stuff affect how well, your intuition works. Kinda cranky, think I need to smoke a half of a cig. I just cut down smoking to less than two cigs a day! :)

As for clarity, for myself, either I'm thick as a brick(I'm a Taurus so you know how we are) or am not seeing the big picture or both, but I'd like to know why I'm stuck?

Maybe I need to move out. Everyone in this area seems f'd up in the head. They're almost all 'hard drug' addicts but seem to be happy and in wonderful relationships and win big on scratch tickets and seems like Satan has been rewarding them for their wicked deeds(being sarcastic here almost) *scratching my head* but I tell it like it is.
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