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Message Subject Psychic Reading exchange
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My wonderful cat is so very sick.I am sick with worry.The vet is helping him in stages since he has a number of problems to overcome.As of now he is on antibiotics fighting an infection before treatment of other issues can begin.
At this point it isnt looking good.
Do you see my pet recovering?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27945611

Rub him down with an egg, visualizing all his negative/black energies go into the egg, like the egg is pulling it out. You can say a prayer while doing this, if you would like. Make equal arm crosses at the crown chakra and bottom above tail. I read to throw the egg in the toilet to make sure it goes away from the home, or put it in a little paper bag or colored bag or box(so it is hidden and no one can see what it is) Ignorant people might think you're into something dark. Throw it away in another person's trash, if you think the eggshells in the toilet might mess up your toilet, like some people might. Visualize bright light green and light pink/pastel colors and white light filling up your cat, coming in from his crown for a few minutes, to fill the voids. Burn white candles for him. Hold the candle with both hands, charge it and tell it what to do, and you can end with a prayer(more positive energy) if you want. Make sure it's in a safe glass holder and let it burn down. Talk to it when it is lit like it's a person and tell it what to do.
I'll get back to this later tonight.
 Quoting: Glp fan3

Thank you.
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